30 July 2021

The Transnational Arbitration Observer (TAO) newsletter is an initiative of Diego Alonso Massa in collaboration with publisher Maris B.V.. The TAO service is a source of daily news and analysis aimed at keeping its readership abreast of recent developments in transnational arbitration (investment & commercial arbitration, mediation, and so forth). It complements the existing Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) publication, founded by Professor Thomas W. Wälde (1949-2008), which provides in-depth articles written by a large global network of legal experts.

When needed, English translations (in full or in their relevant parts) of primary or secondary documents (drafted in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, German or Swedish) related to the news or analysis concerned will be included and made available to TAO subscribers. The news will include links to sources and combined (where possible) with relevant documents available for download making it a valuable and timesaving research tool. In the weeks and months after the launch, more methods to browse the articles and other available material will be introduced to readers, making it an even more valuable resource. Subscribers will also be able request a translation of any untranslated linked article or source (in full or relevant parts) whose contents do not exceed 1000 words.

Target audience: experts and other professionals in the field of international dispute resolution, mainly investment and commercial arbitration, mediation, ADR, negotiation, with a particular emphasis on ISDS related cases, with a need to stay informed on the latest developments.

About the Editor

Mr Diego Alonso Massa graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, School of Law, having pursued graduate legal studies in Argentina (University of Buenos Aires) as well as in Switzerland (The Graduate Institute); he holds an LLM in International Relations (specialization in International Law) from the University of Geneva. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the Université du Quebec à Montreal (UQAM) focusing on challenges related to the enforcement of ISDS awards.

He was admitted to practice law in Argentina in 1994 and provides legal advice in the field of investment and international commercial arbitration, particularly regarding Latin American-related issues, his other areas of expertise being intellectual property law and international business law. He is a member of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina and an Associate member of CIArb.

He served as a Legal Officer and a translator at various UN specialized agencies as well as before national courts and international tribunals. He also worked with law firms as a litigation lawyer and multinational companies as a General Counsel for the I.P. Department (Latin American region).

He has published a number of articles on international arbitration for esteemed journals.

He is a native Spanish speaker fluent in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, and German with a solid working knowledge of Dutch and Swedish. 


MARIS has been active as an electronic publisher for two highly respected peer-reviewed online journals and their associated discussion fora (TDM / OGEMID and OGEL / OGELFORUM) since 2003. More information about Maris: www.maris.nl.