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South African Court Finds Arbitral Tribunal’s Decision to Grant Amendment Was Neither An Award Nor Reviewable Under the UNCITRAL Model Law

13 May 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

When will an arbitral tribunal’s decision be an ‘award’ and therefore subject to appeal or review under the Model Law? This was...

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UK Court Determines Arbitral Tribunal’s Partial Award on Liability Finally Resolved “Unnecessary” Negligence Issue

Will an arbitral tribunal’s statement (in the course of rendering a ‘partial final award’ on liability) that it intends to resolve...

Australian Court Confirms Instagram, Facebook Waived Right to Arbitration By Actively Utilising Litigation Machinery During Year Long Court Defence

Can a party who seeks a stay in favour of arbitration almost one year into defending court proceedings be said to have waived its right to...

UK Court Confirms that Arbitral Tribunal’s Failure to Mention a Witness’ Evidence Is Insufficient to Set Aside Arbitral Award

Will an arbitral tribunal act improperly if it ignores a witness’ undisputed evidence? This was the principal question that the England and...

Tribunal Finds Russia Liable for Expropriating Ukrainian Petrol Stations in the Crimean Peninsula

Can the actions of vigilante rapid-response groups and paramilitary forces be attributable to a state government? This was the principal question...

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