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Ontario Superior Court Finds Kyrgyz Republic Abused Joint Stock Company to Seize Kumtor Gold Mine

18 August 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

On 18 July 2022, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that the Kyrgyz Republic used public joint stock company Kyrgyzaltyn, wholly owned by...

US Magistrate Judge Recommends That District Court Enforce US$5 Million ICSID Award Against Venezuela

16 August 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

Is an arbitral institution or a federal district court best placed to discriminate between competing governments’ claims to represent their...

Uniper Agrees to Withdraw EUR 1 Billion ECT Claim Against the Netherlands

27 July 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

On 22 July 2022, the German government and Uniper SE announced their agreement on a package of measures to stabilise Uniper financially after...

English Court Finds Venezuela Bound to Arbitrate in London But Refuses Permanent Anti-Suit Injunction

7 July 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

Does a state act as a sovereign when suing an insurer (as a third party) to recover compensation for the loss of a navy vessel laden with military...

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