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Australian Court rejects claim that dispute could be dealt with more swiftly in court, refers government owned Power and Water Corporation to arbitration

25 November 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

What is the practical difference between the speed of court and arbitration proceedings? On 10 November 2022, in the context of urgent proceedings...


London Commercial Court Sideswipes UNCITRAL Tribunal’s Attempt to Turn Interim Payment Order into an Award

31 October 2022, by Dean Ehrlich

Does Article 26 of the UNCITRAL Rules empower arbitrators to make interim payment orders capable of having the same effect as one made by a...


Another ICSID Tribunal Finds the CJEU’s Komstroy Judgement Irrelevant to the Question of its Jurisdiction

17 February 2022, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa, Dean Ehrlich

When does an ICSID or ECT tribunal have the authority to apply EU law? When do principles of sub-systems of international law – such as EU law...


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