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Ecuador and Perenco agree on payment schedule to settle ICSID arbitration award in full

6 January 2023, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa

Ecuador has agreed to pay in full the arbitral award handed down by the ICSID Arbitral Tribunal in Perenco Ecuador Limited v. Republic of...


Ecuador ‘Blows Hot and Cold’ in Opposing US Enforcement of Parenco’s ICSID Award

22 October 2021, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa

Despite repeated statements by the Ecuadorian State that it would comply with the award unconditionally and long-standing common law rules that...


America Móvil to Seek Annulment of ICSID Arbitration Award

11 May 2021, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa

In an official statement issued on 7 May 2021, América Móvil (AMX), owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, announced it was considering...


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