Procuraduría General de la República, Caracas, Venezuela

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PCA Secretary-General Accepts Challenge to Dr Wolfgang Peter’s Appointment as Arbitrator

9 November 2022, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa

In the context of the arbitration proceedings between Deutsche Lufthansa AG and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela before the Permanent Court of...


ICSID Tribunal Terminates Arbitration Proceedings against Venezuela for Non-Payment of Advance Costs under ICSID Administrative and Financial Regulations 

8 December 2021, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa

Pursuant to ICSID Administrative and Financial Regulation 14(3)(d), the Tribunal terminated the proceedings on 3 December 2021 after the lapse of the...


ICSID Tribunal Finds it Lacks Jurisdiction to Proceed with Arbitration under ICSID’s Additional Facility Rules And it Cannot Expand a Consent to Arbitration By Resorting to An MFN Clause in a Third Country BIT

17 November 2021, by Diego Luis Alonso Massa, Dean Ehrlich

The Arbitral Tribunal concluded that it lacked jurisdiction over claims by three Kimberly-Clark subsidiaries because Venezuela had not consented to...


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