ICSID Administrative Council rejects Spain’s latest attempt to disqualify ICSID Tribunal in German solar investors’ claim under the Energy Charter Treaty

By Dean Ehrlich, 7 November 2022

Does the word "manifestly" in Article 57 of the ICSID Convention "impose extra requirements for a disqualification not existing in the EUCFR, the ECHR or the IBA Guidelines”? This was the case Spain sought to advance in its recent Proposal to Disqualify all the members of the Tribunal constituted to hear three German investors’ claims against it before the ICSID....
URL: https://taobserver.com/news/283/icsid-administrative-council-rejects-spains-latest-attempt-to-disqualify-icsid-tribunal-in-german-solar-investors-claim-under-the-energy-charter-treaty