Swedish Supreme Court yields to CJEU’s interpretation of Articles 267 and 344 TFEU, sets aside PL Holdings arbitration awards

By Diego Luis Alonso Massa, 19 December 2022

In a judgment published on 14 December 2022, the Swedish Supreme Court amended the Svea Court of Appeal’s 22 February 2019 decision in Republic of Poland v PL Holdings S.á.r.l. (Cases T 12033-17 and T 8538-17) and declared the special arbitration award of 28 June 2017 and the final arbitration award of 28 September 2017 to be null and void....
URL: https://taobserver.com/news/312/swedish-supreme-court-yields-to-cjeus-interpretation-of-articles-267-and-344-tfeu-sets-aside-pl-holdings-arbitration-awards